What to Bring on your Charter

We can assure you that your trip aboard the "Reel Action" will be a very exciting experience and you will Catch a Memory of a Lifetime! Many factors such as the weather and the fish's appetite are beyond our control. However, we will make the very best of your time with us.

Here in Florida the sun is a major factor during a day of fishing. Many people do not realize the intensity of the sun until it's too late. The reflection of the sun off the water and deck of our boats tend to magnify the amount of sun that you get compared to a day on land. Sunscreen is very important as well as seeking time in the shade.
Sunglasses are essential and polarized lenses are equally important to reduce glare and allows you to see into the water for a better experience watching the fish as they are brought to the boat.
Lightweight, long-sleeve shirts and pants will help with sun protection as well.
Don't forget your camera and video equipment. The "Reel Action" has plenty of dry storage to protect your personal equipment. ziploc bags make great waterproofing for any items you wish to stay dry during your adventure.
Lightweight rain gear is handy for a passing shower, some spray during the ride or as another layer if you get cold.
Footwear is also important on a boat. Shoes with good traction are essential and black sole shoes are not allowed on the vessel.
You can bring any Food and drinks that you wish, we have coolers and ice on board. 
Lots of water is important to prevent dehydration.
Alcohol in moderation is acceptable.
If your charter takes you offshore or if you have concerns about seasickness, take one of the many types of medicines available before you depart. Follow instructions on the label closely. Taking something after you feel bad rarely succeeds in helping you feel better. Better to be safe than sorry.